2013 Water Supply in Sabana Grande

Sabana Grande Community

Well #1

  • located near the town and serves approximately 90 residents, delivering approximately 1200 gallons per day. The water is delivered using a hand pump. This well is very shallow and old and is starting to silt in. The hand pump is also starting to fail more often.

Well #2

  • located near the edge of town and serves approximately 10 people, delivering approximately 200 gallons per day. The water is delivered using an ‘Extra Strong Rope Pump”. This pump was installed in 2006 by the local government. This well suffers from water quality issues and is about half a mile from the center of town.

Tivo's Well

  • was a hand dug used for agricultural purposes. The name “Tivo” is in memory of a man who served the community for many years by transporting water from the wells to residents. Due to an unfortunate accident in the fall of 2012, Mr. Tivo fell in this well and drowned. The water level in this well was approximately 15-20 feet below grade.